Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Week Forty-Six: September 5th, 2011

Dear Family,
I have been transferred to Maipú. So now I am pretty close to the mission office. I'm in one of the richest sectors in the mission. I'm sending a link of a map of the area. I love my new area. My new companion is Elder Crane and he is awesome and I'm way excited to work with him. He is an excellent Elder from Canada and only has 4 1/2 months in the mission. We have been having a blast. Well as far as the sector has been going I still haven't met most of our investigator pool but I have been working on getting the sector down. We did have an awesome lesson yesterday with what appeared to be just a recent contact. We talked with this guy named Rodrigo and his wife. They were awesome. They kept espressing their desire for La Vida Eterna. So as we went through lesson one we just put ephasis on La Vida Eterna. It was just an awesome lesson. Rodrigo kept saying that we really know our scriptures because everytime they had a question we had an answer with the scriptures. I personally think it was just the spirit. Rodrigo also said that it is funny because with other churches they would run out of things to talk about and get bored but with us they could talk for hours. Well I hope you guys are doing good and will talk to you later.
Love, Elder Holton

PS: This is a map of our sector:

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