Friday, April 23, 2010

Week Five:Half way!! April 23rd, 2010

This week has been good! It s amazing how the spirit works and how amazingly important prayer is and how if we don't pray before a lesson it will just go right in the gutter! It is so incredible how the more Spanish your learn the more English you forget! Last Tuesday Kevin W. Pearson of the Seventy came to our devotional. It was really good. He is so passionate. He was yelling and crying and just mad sometimes. His talk was just amazing. I love those talks that just shake you to your foundation. Elder Holland gives talks like that too! We got a new district this last week 5 elders and 3 hermanas. Elder Plaskett is doing well but he is dying to get out of here. I Love You Guys!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Week Four: April 18th 2010

A lot of the missionaries in my zone will be flying out this week so we will be getting a lot of new missionaries in. So there will be alot of changes. Elder Plaskett is still waiting for his visa so he will be here a little longer. My companion Elder Christensen's mom sends him at least 2 care packages a day! He got 12 this week and 15 last week. He is from Orem! Everyone gives him a hard time! We had a fireside with the BYU mens chorus and a couple of my friends from Brighton were in that choir, Benjamin Lambson and Greg Fuller. Dave and I got to go up and say hi to them and give them a hug! It was way fun! My new Zone leader is Elder Ellis and he is a big jokester. My District: Elder Monsen, Elder Winters, Hermana Ackerman, Elder Woolsey, Hermana Frandsen, Me, Elder Christensen and Elder Plaskett
This is my Zone in front of the Provo Temple!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Week Three: April 9th, 2010

Well it's just another day in Paradise!! Things are going really well! Nick loved General Conference in the MTC. They got there an hour early so they could get the semi soft seats. He loves his Branch President more and more everyday! He's working hard and feeling the spirit! He has been learning a lot of Spanish. He loves all the letters and packages! Keep them coming!
Elder Holton, Elder Chrstensen and Elder Monsen!
P Day!

Week Two: April 2nd, 2010

He starts out saying "I'm always hungry and eating. I've gained 11 pounds!" Yeah right Nick, sorry I don't think it's possible to gain that much in a week and a half!! (Mabey he left his big shoes on?!)
Gaining weight for Nick is a good thing! We All know he needed to. He says the food is pretty good and hasn't gotten old yet! His Branch President is President Shelley who is "The Bomb"! He is loving all the firesides and devotionals they have had especially Charles Didier. He was just so cool and could speak 7 different languages. He has been working out at the gym everyday running, sit ups, push ups and playing volleyball. He says they had to do service and it was cleaning bathrooms and all his experience working up at Snowbird really came in handy! He says that Dave just got his flight plans and he flies out on April 15th. He says "I'm going to miss that kid mucho grande!"

Going to the Provo Temple! Temple #14!!
The two Sister Missionaries in his District!
His friend Elder Dave Plaskett will soon be leaving for Spain!

Week One: March 27th 2010

Our first letter home says that Nick is having a Blast down at the MTC! His companion is Elder Christensen from Orem, Utah. The Spanish is coming along well! He says his instructors, both returned missionaries, Hermano Edwards and Hermano Deibert are way cool. They have
6 Elders and 2 Sisters in their district. His friend Dave Plaskett is in his district and he is so excited about that. He loves all the letters everyone has sent. So keep them coming!

One of Nick's Spanish teachers!

Nick's dorm at the MTC!

The MTC!!

After running a few errands on our way we stopped at In and Out Burger in Provo for one final hamburger before going to the MTC! When we got there we just unloaded his luggage took a couple of pictures and a quick hug and that was it! It was a lot harder than his mom thought it would be! The next couple of days were pretty hard!
Nick and Dad!
Nick and Jonathan!
Nick and his sisters!
Nick and his Mom at the MTC.