Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Skype:12-25-11

It was the highlight of our Christmas to be able to Skype Nick on Christmas day. It is so great to not only talk to him but to see him too. He just seemed so happy and he truly had a glow about him. They celebrate Christmas in Chile on Christmas Eve so after their appointments they went back to their apartment and opened presants. We sent a package to Nick and one to his companion before Thanksgiving and his companion Elder Sauceda got his package the week before Nick. I was really worried but then Nick did get his package in time after all. He said that he had a fun time reading all the letters that everyone had sent that I included in the package. On Christmas day it was just like any other day. Then they went to one of the members houses and were able to use a tablet to Skype us. We were also able to see his companion on Skype. He told us that they are getting 20 new missionaries to his mission next week and so they will be splitting areas and most likely he will be transfered to a new area.

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