Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Week Two: April 2nd, 2010

He starts out saying "I'm always hungry and eating. I've gained 11 pounds!" Yeah right Nick, sorry I don't think it's possible to gain that much in a week and a half!! (Mabey he left his big shoes on?!)
Gaining weight for Nick is a good thing! We All know he needed to. He says the food is pretty good and hasn't gotten old yet! His Branch President is President Shelley who is "The Bomb"! He is loving all the firesides and devotionals they have had especially Charles Didier. He was just so cool and could speak 7 different languages. He has been working out at the gym everyday running, sit ups, push ups and playing volleyball. He says they had to do service and it was cleaning bathrooms and all his experience working up at Snowbird really came in handy! He says that Dave just got his flight plans and he flies out on April 15th. He says "I'm going to miss that kid mucho grande!"

Going to the Provo Temple! Temple #14!!
The two Sister Missionaries in his District!
His friend Elder Dave Plaskett will soon be leaving for Spain!

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