Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Week Seven:May 7th, 2010

This past week on Tuesday we saw Elder Plaskett off on the bus at 6:00 am and then Elder Monsen was called as the new district leader and Elder Coates and Elder Smith were called as the new Zone leaders and I was called as the Zone music coordinator.
They also changed the companionships. I am now with Elder Winters and Elder Monsen is with Elder Christensen. We are now the oldest district in our zone and we just got a new district in that has 12 new missionaries which is really a lot!!

I have been playing a lot of four square and I love it so much! It's very intense! Just so fun! My companion Elder Winters was running up some stairs and broke his toe pretty bad. He's been limping everywhere and is wearing a boot.

Some scriptures I have fallen in love with are (and yes they are full chapters, get over it and read them! It's worth it!) 2Nephi 9, Mosiah 3 and 4, Alma 5 and 32, and also Moroni 7. I just love the Book of Mormon and the stories. It's just too good! When Nephi says (in 2Nephi 32:3) Feast upon the word, I think I finally know what he meant. I think I'm going to try out to sing a solo in the next devotional. I want to sing "I know that my Redeemer Lives". I just love that song!

Love you guys! Stay close to the Lord!

Not sure what this picture is about! Crazy Nick!!
Flowers at the Provo Temple!
More flowers!!
My new companion Elder Winters!
One more flower!
My district: Me, Elder Winters, Elder Christensten,
Elder Plaskett, Elder Monsen and Hermana Frandsen.
Me and Elder Plaskett before he left for Spain on May 4th!

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