Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Week Six: April 30th, 2010

My district is now the oldest district in the zone and will be getting new zone leaders this Sunday. It's crazy that we will be the oldest district for over three weeks. We will be getting a new district every other week so we will have to be the example for 2 new sets of newbies. It will be kind of crazy!!

Elder Plaskett finally got his visa and will be flying out on Wednesday May 5th! I'm so excited for him! My companion Elder Christensen has been getting 2 packages a day from his Mom ever since he has been here. Everyone has kind of been teasing him about that. It has been 12 - 15 packages a week all from his mom. Well our Branch President called him in and he got in trouble and he told him that he can only receive 1 more package the rest of the time he is here at the MTC. He was pretty upset about that!

Last Sunday I taught Sunday school and also I had to give a 2 minute talk in Sacrament meeting in Spanish. Our last devotional I got awesome seats in the center on the fifth row and it was Elder L. Tom Perry it was intense. He talked about the Book of Mormon.

We went to the temple this morning we totally love the food in the temple cafeteria! Temple Breakfast is just the best! It's so much better then the MTC food! It is insane how strong the spirit is here!

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