Thursday, July 22, 2010

Week Eighteen: July 19th, 2010

Hello Everybody,
So this week has been pretty good. We have been really working on a Flia Gonzalez. They have at least 5 grandchildren that are old enough to be baptized. 4 boys between the ages of 9 to 12 and a girl who is 15. It is really fun to watch them read and pray and progress in the gospel. They are so amazing. They all leave with their parents and grandparents. There have 16 people living in one house. It´s crazy. The grandparents and their kids are all baptized but the grandchildren aren´t. The grandmother somehow got offended and so they decided to stop going. It´s crazy how open the boys are to the gospel. They all have their own book of mormon and we come back and asked them what they think and they were all like it´s good and we´re like well did you pray about and they are all like yeah and they know it´s true. So we have been really working on them and we have also been working on Karina sister of Krishna. She has a baptism date for the 7th of August. Well the bishop got a hold of us that Charlie apparently has pictures of girls in his room and was wondering if we could help out. So we went over and taught the law of Chastity. We´ve been really working on him. His baptism date is 31st of July. So I believe his interview is coming up. So my doctor sent me to another doctor last Monday and she subscribed me 4 different creams. 2 for my hands and then 2 for the acne on my face just to be nice. So I called my doctor and he said that the hand creams the church will pay for no problem but the acne only if it´s not over $50. So we went to go pick them up and they were only about $30 so I´ll be picking those up this week because they have to be compiled. Also last week we had my final greenie meeting. It was awesome though. We got free pizza which was a sight for sore eyes. Well everything is going good here. I hope all is well you guys.

Elder Holton
Elder Young and me with some of the families we have been teaching!

Elder Young, Lizardo the ward mission leader and me with some investigatore

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