Monday, July 12, 2010

Week Seventeen: July 12th, 2010

Well Hello Everybody,
Well I have a lot to talk about today. So starting with Tuesday, We took Elder Young to a specific chapel where everybody that has changes meets and our President talked for a minute and then they put the lists up of who is going with who and where. So my new companion is named, Elder Van Buren. He is from Ogden, UT and has been in the mission for 16 months. He is really cool. So we took a taxi back to our house and got all settled in. Elder Van Buren loves the Fleemarket here and apparently we have a really big one which is pretty sweet. This week has been a different week because where as before I was the follower now I´m the leader and to be perfectly honest I feel like I´m teaching him which is way weird. Every night for planning I just do it all because I´m the only one that knows everybody. It´s just strange because like before Elder Young would carry the conversation but now that the members only know me they look to me too carry it which is fine because I´ve gotten to the point where I usually have a pretty good idea of what is being said and I have no problem responding so that´s good. It´s just hard because whenever an appointment falls through I feel like it´s up to me to figure out what to do and I don´t know the area that incredibly well. One good thing though is we haven´t gotten lost yet which is a really good sign. So yeah this has been one of those slow weeks but it´s all good and we´re still trying hard. Hopefully our success will continue. Sorry this is a shorter email but I don´t really have as much to say. I love you all.

Elder Holton

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