Monday, March 28, 2011

Week Twenty-Three: March 28th, 2011

Hey Family, Well this week has been a certainly different week. My stomach was still acting up and I got this way awesome cold, and the problems with my hands came back. So I didn´t actually get to go out and teach but it was all good. It gave me a chance to study and get caught up on the lessons. I really love my comp and we´ve been having so much fun. It´s been a blast even though I stayed in the house for 3 days and took the other days slow. I just have the one ward I watch over and it is just me and my comp. We have around 60 members that go. They are all really cool. There was one lesson I wanted to tell about that was really cool. There is this guy named Daniel who is like 35 to 40 and he has kid who is 2 years old. Well we always start a lesson with a prayer and before the lesson his son was going all crazy and wild like 2 year olds are. Well when we got down on our knees to pray that little kid went over with out being told and got down on his knees next to his dad and was silent the entire time. I just thought that was the coolest thing and how special is it that his son is already in the spirit of prayer. I tried to express how cool I thought that was and tie in the fact that he wants to live with his kid forever. Well I tried but I had a hard time not crying. It was really humbling. Well I went to the Doctor today and told me how to get some more medicine to help with everything. I hope you all are doing good. Love, Elder Holton

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