Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Week Twenty-Nine: May 9th, 2011

Nick didn't send an email this week because we were able to talk to him on Mother's Day on Skype. It was so fun to SEE him and talk to him! And there really was no delay! It was just like he was in the same room!

He is doing really good! He loves his new companion! The work is hard and they get alot of doors slammed in their faces but they are trying hard! They also do alot of reactivation work. Getting members to come to church! He looked really great and was really happy! He had been doing a little cooking making German Pancakes ( We call them Monsters at our house). He said he didn't realize how easy they are to make! Their weather is just starting to get cold. It was only 50 degrees there. (that's not so bad after living in Utah)

He looks Good!Talking to Nick on Skype

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