Sunday, August 19, 2012

Week Ninety-five: August 13th,2012

Dear Family,
Wow this past week was crazy. I can't even tell you. We had something extra almost everyday. So to start off. Tuesday we had Zone Meeting where we as the zone leaders had to teach the new iniciatives for the month. It went well. Tuesday night we planned some of our lessons at the chapel and were there hanging out waiting for our appointments. As we were there, there was a little 9 year old girl in a wheelchair named Valentina there. She is the granddaughter of one or our really active members. Well she said that she finally got permission from her mom to be baptized. So she is getting baptized this Saturday. Wednesday we had to prepare a class we were going to teach to all the leaders of the mission. So we decided to make a movie and do a testimonial of all the recent converts that went to the temple. It turned out great. Thursday we had a capacitation that went good. Friday we had that meeting with all the Leadership of the mission. Our class went awesome. Hopefully other missionaries can focus a little bit in Family History. Saturday we had Luis' Baptism with was awesome. A lot of people came. Sunday we had a meeting in Santiago at 1:30 with Elder Zevallos from the 70 (Area Presidency) with all the Leaders from our mission and the North mission. It was good. We couldn't go to our church though so that was lame. There were 4 or 5 days when we couldn't even go out to our sector till like 6 or 7. Well it was a good week but now we are on the last week of Elder Smith. Well I hope you all have a great a week.

Love, Elder Holton
 Our baptism temple trip!

 We are on the bus we rented to take our new converts and ward members to the temple to do baptisms.


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