Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Week Ninety-four: August 6th,2012

Dear Family,
Well hever we have passed another crazy week. Wow this week was insane. So to start off on Tuesday we had changes we had to go to. Only 3 of our 8 companionships had changes. So it didn't change too much. Then another really exciting thing we had this past week. Elder Smith got the opportunity of doing a Session in the Temple. So Thursday we had our weekly meetings with the Zone and then we took off and went to Santiago. We had to take clothing to sleepover because we also had concilio on Friday at President's house. We got to Santiago at 3ish we ate lunch and went straight to the temple. I did divisions with another Elder while Elder Smith was in the temple. The other Elder Actually brought an investigator to show the temple and everything. So we basically taught her for 2 hours. It was really good. Then after they finished we went back to MaipĂș and grabbed something to eat at Micky D's and then we went to the office. We slept with the office Elders. We got up at 6 to leave with the assistants bright and early on Friday. We had the meet at President's house all day. It went really well and then around 5 we took off. We actually had a really cool thing happen. So we had to take the metro back and there was 8 of us. Well we had to go like 20 stations so we decided to sing hymns. After about 10 hymns this lady came up to Elder Smith and said that it was against the law to sing if someone doesn't want to hear it and she didn't want hear and that we have to stop. Well Elder Smith told her that after the next song we would stop (we were getting close to our station anyways). Well all the people that were listening to us overheard this lady complaining and started to talk to her. One grandpa said "I actually enjoy hearing them." another lady said "If you don't like it you can get off", Another said "hey you had to come all the way over here just to complain about them and we are right here and we love it." In the end there were about 10 people that started defending us and not only defending us but chewing her out. It was intense but kinda cool too haha. Yeah I don't think we are going to do that again. Well we have a baptism this next week. His name is Luis and he is awesome. He is 17 and his comprehension is off the roof. It's like he knows too much. haha But we are really excited. Well we are planning on having another insane week. Hope you all have a fantastic week.

Elder Holton


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