Sunday, September 23, 2012

Week One Hundred: September 17th,2012

Dear Family,
Well what a crazy week we've had. The really awesome good news is that I have a companion. His name is Elder Barrett and he is the cousin of the other Elder Barrett that was with me a few weeks ago. He is awesome. He's from Logan Utah and has about 20 months in the mission. He is super tall. You'll get to see in the pictures. This week we've been working really hard. Looking for new people to teach. We have seen a few miracles this past week.  We've been teaching a teenager and we gave him the Book of Mormon Promise. So he did it and one night before he went to bed a voice came to him and basically started to chew him out. That he needs to start to live a better life. That God has a purpose for him but only if he does what is right. It was really cool. Well this next week we are going to have Zone Conference where we will hear from Elder Resek of the Area. I will also have to give my last testimony which is kinda sad. Well This week is also that 18th of September the Independence day of Chile. So it is going to be a very different week also. We'll take pictures of everything. 

Elder Holton

 With Elder Sanchez and Elder Crane
 My new companion Elder Barrett

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