Monday, August 8, 2011

Week Forty-Two - August 8th, 2011

Dear Family,
This week has been a very excellent week. We have got a few new investigators. We found this family that was actually a reference. So we have been doing very well. Our Investigators are doing good. Iris has had a very crazy week this past week. On Tuesday they (Iris and Martin) decided to get seperated. He said that he wanted to try new sensations and he didn't care what commandments he breaks if it feels right and yeah. K well We have been passing by making sure that she is doing ok. We have been looking for a house and job for her. So we think we had some ideas and we went to go see how she was doing on Saturday and it looks like there are back together again. They both even came to church on Sunday. Drama. We have been working hard and will continue. Elder Lowry is doing fantastic and working hard. There is a program for Preach my Gospel. This week I have memorized 3 scriptures for every principle of lesson 1 and this next week. We didn't actually get in touch with Ashley this last week but this next week we will. Daniel we didn't either. There was one intense thing that happened this week. We were teaching at Nibaldo's house and we ended at nine. All the schools down here have been on strike and have been taking over the school. Well they turned on the news and it showed cops everywhere and said that the President had called in the army and was ready to let them do some riot control. They say that this is the biggest riot since the 80's. So we went home early. Well that's about it for this week. Have an awesome week.

Elder Holton

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