Saturday, August 20, 2011

Week Forty-Three: August 15, 2011

Dear Family,
We have been doing fantastic. We have some excellent news this week and at this rate we should be doing just perfect. We have Matias who is 14 years old and he just loves the gospel. He is basically one who says tell me what to believe. My only fear is that he only is listening to us because we are his friends. So we have been working hard and getting him some friends in the church and then we can be more the teachers but he will still have some friends. We have also been working with Iris and Ashley. It looks like Iris and Martin are working things out. Iris went to the Gospels Principles class and we were talking about the life of Christ. Just as we would ask questions and discuss her thoughts and comments were so on the ball. Her testimony is totally in the right place. With Ashley it's a little harder but the good news is is that her grandma appears to be a lot more willing in helping us. This last time we visited she seemed to be a lot more open to us and having us work with her granddaughter. We have been seeing many miracles and our animo have been doing so much better. We also had a gun pulled on us this week. It was just part of the little excitement of the protests. This past week has also been crazy with meetings. We have had like 3 meetings when we normally only have 1. But they're good. We got to see President twice this week. He is just so awesome. Today we got to do something exciting. We visited what is called San Cristobal which is the hill with the huge Mary on it. I'll send some pictures. It was definitively cool. Although I wonder how much cooler it could be if it was Christ. Anyway. It has been an good week. Hope to talk to you guys later.

Elder Holton


San Cristobal

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