Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Week Forty-One: August 1st, 2011

Dear Family,
This week has been a very exciting week. We have actually found 3 new investigators this week which we are very excited about. Two of them were from some contacts that I found with Elder Jones. We have been trying to get into their house for weeks. Well we finally got in with them. We were able to share lesson one and it was awesome. I have never taught a lesson before being the senior comp and it is just amazing how you just know what to say and how God really prepares us. I can truly testify of the Mantle. I have felt such a difference the past two weeks as the Lord has qualified me for the work. I was really nervous about it and everything but I can speak and understand spanish well enough and now I can teach. So that was an awesome lesson. And the other new investigator we found was kinda like a diamond in the rough kinda deal. So we did divisions a few weeks ago and Elder Jones found this less active grandma and I just remember him saying that she seemed pretty cool and that I should follow through with that. So we have been trying every once in a while if we were heading to an appointment to just knock on the door and see if we could at least get someone to set an appointment with. Well we passed by once and actually got in. Keep in mind I have never met anyone here before. Well we met Gloria who is an inactive sister and her granddaughter Ashley. Gloria basically explained to us that she got baptized for a bet and doesn't really know anything or wants to know anything but she loves to have us and will allow us to talk. Ashley just loves it. We invited her to church and passed by her house and she came and everything and just loved it. ¡¡¡Greenie power!!! Well we have also been working on Iris and this week she has expressed to us that she wants to be baptized and knows that the church is true. The only thing we are waiting on now are Martin's papers which should be ready in about a month. Then they want to get married and then she can be baptized. So we were thinking of what we can do to keep her excited for everything for possibly more than a month and we came to the idea of giving her a challenge. She has been doing really well reading. So we left her the challenge of reading 5 pages from the book of mormon every day until her baptism and she accepted and has been doing well so far. Things have been going great. Elder Lowry, my new companion is doing fantastic and we are getting along so well. He is an excellent missionary. He is from Draper Utah and knows everyone from our old ward. We have been having a blast. He has been becoming very accustom to everything very well. Although his biggest fear is clowns. Well this week has been really awesome. I hope you guys are all doing well.

Elder Holton

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