Monday, August 22, 2011

Week Forty-Four: August 22nd, 2011

Dear Family,

This has been a very good week. We have had some very excellent progress with Iris and with Matias. So first to start off with Iris. Last Sunday in the Gospel Principles class we were talking about the Book of Mormon and about the challenge we left with Iris. Well there is a Sister in our ward who we eat lunch with. Every time we go she tells us about her testimony of the Book of Mormon. She has found that with any trial in her life if she makes a promise to the Lord that she will read the entire Book of Mormon then the trial will be resolved. She has told us about the many trials and times that she has tested this promise and how it has worked every time she has tried it. Well I told Iris about this sister and her experience and then challenged Iris to do the same. Well we met with Iris later on Tuesday and we sat down to get started and she turned to me and said “You know Elder Holton. The Promise is true.” I honestly didn’t know what she was talking about. She expounded to say that the promise is true and that she has found a job and somewhere to study in just the two days that we didn’t see her. Honestly she is so ready for the waters of baptism. They just need to get married. Now with Matias, This week actually we were able to set a date with him. He is just so loving the gospel. We asked him to pray to know that baptism is right and he said that he didn’t need to pray. He just knows it is right. He also came up to us asking us for ideas to invite his Mom to talk to us. She has already told us before that she wants nothing to do with us but that she loves have us over teaching her son. We gave him a few ideas. Lately I have been working really hard on memorizing references for the lesson. We have to memorize 3 references for every principle and there are 8 principles in lesson 1 and 8 in lesson 2. My brain is starting to hurt. I'm almost done with lesson 2. It is very interesting to see as I memorize it is like a high and I want to memorize more. This past week me and Elder Lowry have seriously gotten into Insence. We have a burner and everything. It is so cool. I will send some pictures. It is starting to warm up here. We still get some random cold days though which really stinks. So I talked to President King and he said that I am staying with this sector for another change to finish Elder Lowry's training. Cool right?

Well I hope you all are having a blast.

Elder Holton
p.s. I would love to hear from everyone.

Our Insence and burner stuff.

The outside of our apartment.

Our apartment.

My clothes.

My desk.

Our kitchen.

More pictures of the outside of our apartment.

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