Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Week Eleven: May 31st, 2010

Life isn't too different from the states. Only thing is Lunch is the big meal of the day and we always eat at a member's house and they love to feed you alot. And if you don't eat it all you're basically insulting them. Which is really bad. As far as the type of food goes it's just like home. I've had things like fish, spaghetti, just whatever.

The language is coming good. The first 3 days really stunk because I could only pick out a couple of words but it is getting better. At Sunday school yesterday I could undertand almost everything and respond accordingly. My trainer is from Arizona and he is way cool. We went door knocking yesterday and we asked if we could come inside and say a prayer with them and after the prayer the lady just went crazy with questions wanting to know all about the Book of Mormon and everything. It was just too cool.

The ward is way fun. It is really small with only about 70 members. We try to get more people to come to church. Me and my companion live in this little house with 2 bedrooms. a living room and a kitchen which is way big for 2 people. Another cool thing about Chile is they have the most amazing hot dogs here!They are called completo!

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