Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Week Fifteen: June 28th, 2010

Well Hello Everyone,
Sorry I´m a little late today. Every thing was closed today until after the game. It´s insane how much they love soccer down here. Well to start off this email I´ve decided that I´m going to do this on a day by day basis. Well nothing too exciting before Wednesday happened so we´re starting there. Wednesday, We had Mission Conference. Our Zone leaders told us the night before that they wanted to meet at 8:00 in the morning to go together. It just so happens that where they wanted to meet was harder to get to than the conference itself so we convinced them to allow us to go by ourselves. Once we got there we discovered that the meeting didn´t start till 10:00 so getting there at 8:30 was more than perfect. The conference was amazing. President Jones is so amazing and I´m going to miss him so much. It was such a powerful conference. His parents were there and they gave their testimonies but it was nothing to the power of the closing prayer given by President Jones. He blessed us by invoking the power of his priesthood keys. Then after We all gave him a hug and we also got to hug Sister Jones. It felt really good to get a Mother´s hug. She is so cool. Well Thursday we had division where I go split and go with the companion of the district leader and the district leader goes with my companion. It was a little different considering his companion is from Peru. But it was good. I´m to the point where I can understand most of what´s being said to me. It was fun though. Most of the appointments he had planned for us fell through. Although I got to meet the Relief Society President of his ward and she just randomly told me that I talk with really good clarity. That was nice to hear considering I´ve been totally worrying if I have this crazy accent going. So apparently I don´t. Then the next morning we switched back early because Elder Young and I had to go to the doctor early. It was way cool though. The Doctor´s office is the Church Office building for all of Chile and is right next to the temple. The doctor basically said that the bumps on my hands are from the sweat glands clogging up because it is dry but that doesn´t make sense at all considering my hands aren´t dry and I lotion them everyday before anyway. So I don´t know but he gave me some hand cream to try so we´ll give it a shot. Elder Young Had to go because his ankle has been bothering him and it´s not getting better. The Doc just gave him a brace. We also got to check out the Distribution Center which was way cool. Well Saturday we got to go check out the feria (fleemarket) which they have 4 times a week. It is absolutely crazy. They have everything there no joke. From Cereal and milk to fruit to door hands to movies to really nice clothes. It is just wow. Plus all the people there too. It´s just so chaotic. Then Saturday night we had Ward Council and Sorry Mom and Dad but they brought Once to us so we pretty much had a big meal at ward council. Sunday was way cool. They ran out of gas at church so they heated up two big pots of Ecco (it´s like coffee but made out of Wheat) and gave it out to everyone. That night we had the Baptism interview for Krishna which she passed. She originally wanted me to confirm her and Elder Young to baptize but he convinced her to switch it. So the baptism is next Saturday. It´s very exciting. And today has been crazy because of the soccer game. Well it´s time for me to go. I love you all.

Elder Holton

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