Saturday, June 26, 2010

Week Fourteen: June 21st, 2010

Well Hello Everybody,
Things are going good here. Big things that happened this past week. 1. We got 2 knew baptism dates set and we lost one So right now we´re at 3. 2. It rained like crazy last Thurdsay night to the point where we woke up to a puddle in the kitchen. It was leaking in the ceiling and the windows. Plus it was leaking in the family room area. Some parts it was just a continous stream of water. Well it kept leaking until about Thursday night and then started just a little be Friday. We got some cups out and turned the fans on to try and get it to dry. Right now there are water stains but it´s not too bad. We called the mission office and they told us to call the owner. So we called the owner who apparently lives in Argentina and he said he would send someone out in the next week. So that was pretty eventful. So we finally set a baptism date with Charlie but the only problem is we´re worried he is doing it for his mom and not for himself. So we´re going to work very thoroughly with him to ensure that he is converted. His Mom went crazy when we said he would do it. As good and encouraging as that is it´s kinda working against us right now. The other date we set was with an Investigator named Ani. She is very smart and very intelligent but sometimes she can ask the most random questions. Like for example What is a spirit made out of? Well it´s all good. She loves the Book of Mormon and seems to understand it pretty well. At first we had her read different sections but now we just had her start from the beginning and she is already at Nephí 17. This week we´ve been really focusing on getting new investigators. It feels like we´ve knocked so many doors and have only received half the amount of news. It´s very strange. We did meet this old lady named Rosa. When we first met her all she could talk about was that she wanted to see her husband again. She talked about how she has 9 kids and none of them visit her. She´s like 85 I think. Well Sounds like the perfect investigator right? Casi. She pretty much blind and has a hard time focussing. So how we´re going to teach her I do not yet know but We´ll find a way. Last week we did some remodeling and I have to say that it is just awesome. For the first 2 weeks we were sleeping on mattresses on the floor in the kinda entreway/familyroom. Why you ask I don´t know. My companion says it´s how it was since he has been here and that he doesn´t want to move back into the bedroom because he is scared of spiders. Well we decided that if we cleaned it up it would be livable. So we vaccumed it and sprayed RAID all over. So far, It´s been so much better. Sleeping in a bed rather than the hardwood floor in a bedroom with carpet. Wow so much better. I haven´t been cold at all since. Another odd thing that has been happening is I´ve been getting these like spots on my fingers. I have no idea what they are but I need to call in about them. I have like 5 on one hand and 3 on the other. When you touch it, it stings a little but it doesn´t hurt at all. It´s just annoying. Another cool story. We went to visit this family that my Companion wrote in his planner. Only thing was he had no idea who they were and why he wrote them there. Well we went to visit them and it just so happened that it was a Mom with her 2 boys and her husband (we didn´t see him) and apparently the past week everyone has been telling her (even her inactive family and inactive friends) that she needs to go back to the Mormon church. Well we pretty much told her the same thing and challenged her and on Sunday guess who showed up with one of her boys. Yup it was pretty cool. We also met another family that we´ve even passed by a couple times and said hola and apparently all the adults (like 10 to 20 people) are inactive members but would love for us to stop by. It was like what wow. That was pretty cool too. Well things are going great. We have another investigator we´re going to try and get a date set up with. And one of ours has their baptism interview next Sunday for her baptism on the 3rd of July. Well I hope all is well and I hope to hear from you all soon.

Elder Holton

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