Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Week Thirteen: June 14th, 2010

Hey Everyone,
Well this week has been quite eventful to say the least. First to start this off. The Air museum was very cool (Not as cool as Hill Air Force Base Ryan :) good times) But we did go as a zone which was also fun. Later Tuesday a miracle of sorts happened. Let me just lay down the foundation for ya. A few weeks back Elder Young gave this lady named Mercedes a Plan of Salvation pamphlet with his old companion. We´ve been trying and trying to see her but our plans just kept falling through. Well finally last Tuesday we were able to and guess what. She read the whole thing inside and out and not only understood it all but believed it. It was spectacular. Especially for me who didn´t actually do anything. Well we commited her to baptizm and we´ll see how that turns out. At that point we have 4 people commit to baptizm. 3 for July 3rd and 1 for July 10th. Well on Thursday I had divisions with the DL Elder Samyn and I went and stay at his pension for a day. It was fun and it went good. We gave a blessing to this lady and all sorts of stuff. Although I really missed my companion. Haha So Friday we switched back and that was that haha. Well we´ve been working on a few different people. First is Charlie whom I told you about last week. Second is a family named Teixeira consisting of the mother named Suzanne who is inactive, 18 year old daughter named Chirly who is strongly active, 15 year old son Christopher who is active, 11 year old daughter Karina who is not a member, and 9 year old Krishna who is not a member but has a baptizm date. Thirdly, Daniela and Lissette. Daniela is the mother of Lissette and both had a baptizm date. There are many more but those are the main ones I´m going to talk about today. Well first off last saturday night we played soccer with the ward youth. Charlie came which was awesome and a boy named Elais who is cousin to the Teixeiras came(he is inactive), and his cousin Chirly came along with many others. Well we played soccer and it was awesome. The field was smaller than normal which for me was way good because that meant lessing running distance. I tried very hard and I have to say that I held my own against those Chilean teenagers. I can´t handle the ball worth crap but when it came to defense I was a force to be reckoned with. Elder Young was good but he has a bad ankle from a early game. Sunday we saw Elais at church and Charlie at church which was awesome. Plus (and this only gets better), Lissette came to church with us for her first time and absolutely loved it. She said that she also prayed about being baptized and felt that it was the right thing to do and that she wanted to. She couldn´t ever come to church before because her mom is pregnant and she always needed Lissette. That was good. Next Krishna´s sister Karina came. This is epic because Karina is very nervous about the church. 5 Years ago she went and was falsely accused of writing on a table. Not a good situation. So that was awesome that she came. Later that day we had an appt. set with Daniela and Lissette. When we got there Daniela told us that her husband (Whom I´ve never met) didn´t want us to teach them anymore and that they couldn´t get baptized. This was kind of a shock and in all honesty I think it hit my companion very hard. I´ve tried to continue to be positive and keep and happy and stay focussed but there comes a point when there isn´t anything else you can do to help. Another weird thing that happened this week was we got to eat octupus and squid. To be perfectly honest the taste wasn´t bad at all just the texture. But I can proudly say that up until this day I have eatten anything and everything put in front of me. Including a lot of things I used to hate and now I just love food all around and I´m going to stop talking about this because it is making me very hungry. (I´m always hungry). Things are going good. We´re working hard and we´ll keep our heads up. I love you all and will talk to you later.

Elder Holton

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